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Website Design

For the Vehicle hire industry

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Easy to use and supporting everyone...

We specialise in web design for the vehicle hire industry. We have been designing and developing car hire and van rental websites for over 15 years. Our vehicle rental websites enable clients to manage their online fleet, take secure online bookings and manage vehicle sales.

The vehicle rental industry has grown dramatically online and companies without an interactive web site are missing out. Our content managed, e-commerce websites integrate seemlessly with Prohire Rental Software saving you time and money. Click here to visit The Third Wheel.

Key Features

  • Prohire Integration - Seamlessly links with Prohire for fleet and bookings
  • Fleet Management - Easily keep your rental fleet up-to-date on the web
  • Vehicle Sales - Display your ex-rental vehicles online and save on vehicle portal websites
  • Content Managed - Easily updatable with NO software required
  • E-Commerce - Take reservations Safely and Securely
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Heavily optimised websites submitted to the major search engines
  • Social Media Integration - Connected with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Mobile Version - An App Like interface for easy mobile booking

Our Services

“Dorset Vehicle Rentals has been using Prohire since 2002, before then we had paper charts and an endless supply of tipex and highlighter pens. The benefits have been outstanding - from the...”.

Simon Halstead, General Manager of Dorset Vehicle Rentals: 700 vehicles