Katie Daly, General Manager at Envirovan


In the fast-paced world of vehicle rental, effective vehicle management is crucial for smooth operations and asset protection. Rental companies face numerous challenges that can impact their bottom line and reputation. At Prohire, we recognise these, so we developed our Companion module—a powerful solution designed to empower rental companies and protect their fleets.

In this blog post, we welcome Katie Daly from Envirovan as our guest commentator. Together, we will delve into the significance of protecting fleets and how Prohire’s Companion module is the solution.

EnviroVan has been operating for a decade, providing outstanding service to its customers in the Southeast region. Envirovan is committed to meeting the needs of its customers every day. The team takes pride in delivering fast and professional service, and for the past four years, they have been using the Companion App to save valuable time throughout the day. Vehicle rental companies encounter numerous risks daily, including damage during rentals, accidents, thefts, and regulatory agreement issues. These risks not only have financial implications but can also affect customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Another brain-consuming worry is ensuring safety and operational efficiency remain paramount. Prohire Software’s Companion module emerges as a beacon of modernisation, offering a widespread group of tools and features tailored to mitigate risks and streamline operations seamlessly. As you will know, prioritising safety and precision is a must for success and longevity in this industry.

So how can Companion help tackle these industry issues? Prohire Companion’s abilities extend to streamlining vehicle check-outs and check-ins, mid-hire changes, digital rental agreements, tyre management, inventory management, and dispute resolution support. Additionally, its integration with Prohire Tracker allows for real-time vehicle tracking and efficient deliveries and collections.

Safety is of utmost importance when renting a vehicle. At Envirovan, we conduct a pre-rental inspection to ensure diligence and complete safety checks to identify any actions required before the vehicle leaves our yard.”

The pre-rental check process is designed to improve efficiency by identifying any defects on the vehicle before the checkout stage, preventing delays and inconvenience for customers. The check includes inspecting tyre tread depths, ensuring the horn is functioning properly, checking the lights, and taking additional images of the vehicle.

Over time, vehicles within a rental fleet inevitably accumulate damage, leading to repair costs and operational downtime when vehicles require maintenance. Promptly identifying this damage is vital to holding clients accountable for any harm caused during their rental period. Prohire Companion addresses this challenge head-on by providing rental operators with a comprehensive solution to swiftly identify vehicle damage upon return.

Katie Daly shares her experience: “Companion has assisted my company in assessing damages on our fleet. Companion retains all existing damage, making it much quicker and easier to spot any new damage to our vehicles on return. By taking pictures of vehicles on check-out, it’s very clear to see if any new damage has occurred while on hire.” 

Pairing Companion with our powerful Prohire system, the Companion app transforms operations, providing real-time task updates, digital handover verification with timestamped signatures, integrated navigation for streamlined vehicle delivery, and Prohire tracker integration for efficient collections.

“Electronically being signed by the customer means that no tampering can be done – creating trust between us and our hirers. Using Companion makes our mornings in the office and in the yard so much more effective. Anyone can check out and anyone can check in.”

By facilitating quick and accurate assessment, Companion enables operators to take initiative-taking measures, ensuring that clients are held responsible for any damages incurred. This not only helps maintain the financial integrity of the rental business by appropriately allocating repair costs but also minimises downtime by furthering the repair process, contributing to a more efficient and profitable rental management system.

“Companion is staying in my business all the time I am running. By using Companion, it eliminates any of those ‘Was it?’ ‘What if?’ questions. It is there in black and white and has been signed by the hirer, making charging for any extras so much easier.”

Having unmistakable evidence from the images, we can confidently charge for damages and know 100% that the damage happened on hire. This has enabled us to charge for damages using our matrix, increasing and protecting our vehicles.”

To wrap up, Prohire’s Companion module is not just another tool in the toolbox—it is a significant change in the fast-paced world of vehicle rental. Picture this: rental companies, armed with precision and innovation, are tackling challenges head-on, thanks to Companion.

“I heavily rely on Companion to support and run my business, I regret not moving over to it sooner, as I have since realised the immense benefits it provides. If only I had known earlier, I would have made the transition 1000 times sooner.”

But it is not just about addressing problems; it’s about setting new standards. Safety, efficiency, and accountability are not just buzzwords here—they are the pillars upon which Companion stands, empowering rental experts to safeguard their fleets and shine in a cutthroat market. Companions got your back.

Author: Molly Curtis

13th May 2024