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Case Studies

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Andover Self Drive

Andover Self Drive

Arriving at Andover Train Station with Graeme - one of our new Prohire helpdesk technicians, we were met by Ben (the owner of Andover Self Drive) who kindly picked us up and drove us to his rental operation.

Walking into the spacious front office, we were met by Clare (one of the front-desk operators), Elle (the director of Andover Self Drive and Ben’s wife) and Jasper (Ben and Elle’s six-month old puppy). Sat down in the waiting area with a hot mug of tea, the atmosphere at the company seemed relaxed but very professional. It was clear that both Ben and Elle were extremely passionate about their business.

Elle explained that her father is well-known in the Andover community and was the owner of a successful hotel near the train station. Elle’s father founded Andover Self Drive and its clientele was originally made up from the local community. Last year when Ben and Elle took over the business, a number of changes were introduced – notably new company branding, a new website, and Prohire with Proweb. With a brand new website up and running (courtesy of web-developers CS One), Ben and Elle decided that it should live up to its full potential by giving customers the ability to book a vehicle online (Proweb). Ben told me that within one-hour of Proweb going live, bookings had already started coming through – something he was naturally very pleased about!
Ben using Prohire
However, one of the biggest changes arrived with the introduction of Prohire. Ben explained that prior to Prohire, the company managed its entire fleet with a paper based/whiteboard system. The problems inherent with this arrangement persisted and became more noticeable as their fleet size grew. Having looked around at various fleet management software, they were disappointed to find that many were simply not up to the job and/or were far too expensive. Prohire was the breakthrough. Not only does Prohire cover what they want plus more, it comes at an affordable price.

Having used Prohire for just over a year now, I asked Elle for her thoughts on the software. The first thing mentioned was the amount of time saved thanks to Prohire’s integration with Sage.  In the past Elle would need to set aside 3 days to place all invoices into Sage, but with Prohire it can now be done with a click of a button! Watch the video at the top of this page for more on Ben and Elle’s impressions of Prohire.

I would like to thank all the staff at Andover Self Drive for their warm welcome and taking the time out of their busy schedule to talk to us!

Video Case Study:

Prohire On The Road: Visiting Andover Self Drive

Prohire at Andover Self Drive: Looking Ahead

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“I personally have been a user of Prohire for over ten years and now at Mitchells I find the service and advantages that we have would be impossible to manage without!”.

Stephen Barr,
Mitchells Hire Drive