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What our customers have to say...

Prohire“Prohire is acknowledged as being class leading in its field and is the most widely used system by some way”

“United Rental Group and Prohire have been business partners for over 20 years - both companies having been launched at around the same time. Over this period, not only have the current Directors of each business worked closely together on mutually beneficial daily rental products, but have also become trusted and respected friends. Across our entire network of over 400 independent rental company locations, Prohire is acknowledged as being class leading in its field and is the most widely used system by some way. The Prohire management team are thoroughly professional with a 'can do' attitude where customers needs are top priority and the system itself is, in my view, the best in the business.”

(Ian Lawrence, Group Managing Director of United/Sixt UK)
Prohire“London Car has had the Prohire system for 4 years now and have never looked back.”

“London Car has had the Prohire system for 4 years now and have never looked back. The system we had before prevented us from planning. Since having Prohire we can now integrate all our accounting, online booking and planning. I would recommend anyone considering a rental system to give them a call because they always listen to your problems and offer an appropriate solution.”

(Salim Vassi, General Manager of London Car Rentals: 60 vehicles)
Prohire“We have been very pleased with the system and its capability to adapt”

“Rentruck has been using Prohire since 2006. This was the first rental programme we used, and so we were very thorough prior to choosing Prohire. We have been very pleased with the system and its capability to adapt. We can`t remember how we managed without it”

(Richard Cotton, General Manager of Rentruck: 240 vehicles)
Prohire“Most importantly - Prohire is easy to use ...”

“We chose Prohire as our first computerised reservation system in 1999. During the past 13 years we have seen significant enhancements to the system and have received great service. The Prohire system enables us to manage our business from the front end reservation to the back end billing process and most importantly - it's easy to use”

(Chris Domoney, General Manager of Miles & Miles Self Drive: 250 vehicles)
Prohire“The benefits of the system are being seen in our day-to-day operations ...”

“We have been using Prohire since April 2011 after the previous software we were using, Quickdrive, suffered a stop in development. Following extensive research our choice of vehicle rental software was narrowed down to two and following onsite visits with both developers we decided to choose Prohire. Particularly impressive about Prohire was the can do attitude of the team there. This has proven to be a wise choice by our company as already the benefits of the system are being seen in our day to day operations, in particular the interim billing feature. Monthly billing of our accounts customers used to take close to half a day, now this is carried out overnight by the system and processed the following morning by our staff in 10 minutes. So far we can only speak positively about the Prohire software and looking forward to using it into the future and also taking on more of the optional features that are available.”

(Chris Trott, General Manager of Trott Rentals: 85 vehicles)
Prohire“We don't even need to think about changing!”

“We have been using the Prohire system since its beginning, and because of regular updates and upgrades we don’t need to even think about changing!”

(Amanda Periam, General Manager of Barford Hire: 150 vehicles)
Prohire“Our company has grown since using Prohire...”

“We have been using Prohire since 2005 and previously were using our own bespoke system. We researched all the major software systems on the market before deciding that Prohire offered the most complete system with the best level of back up. Our Company has grown since using Prohire, partly thanks to the ease of use and management reports available and partly due to the positive effect on utilisation of the group (i.e. being able to view all site availability). Vehicle Hirenet has also helped this growth”

(Darren Reeves, General Manager of Global Self Drive: 1500 vehicles)
Prohire“Prohire is fast and simple to use, resulting in an efficient booking and handover process...”

“Rabbits Vehicle Hire have been users of Prohire for over 15 years and have benefited hugely from using the system. For day to day operations, the system is fast and simple to use which results in an efficient booking and handover process. Our transport department use the system to log damages, manage servicing and monitor vehicle costs. The reporting facilities have improved immensely over the past 4 or 5 years and now help us to make informed decisions about fleet, customers and even advertising. In addition, Prohire links with our accounts package and uploads invoices directly, saving hours of manual inputting. I would highly recommend Prohire to any fleet operator looking for a solid, easy to use system which will help them make their business more efficient.”

(Steve Dore, Director of Rabbits Vehicle Hire: 400 vehicles)
Prohire“We have been very happy with Prohire's service...”

“We have been using ProHire since 2009 and have been very happy with their service, particularly their willingness to do custom things for us, ranging from translating the software to Spanish to writing special reports for our operation and even adapting things to our Mexican Tax System. One particular thing I like about Prohire is the simplicity with which you can have all – and I mean all - the information you need at your fingertips, from general sales trends to specifics of any particular operation (or booking) – it feels like you are omnipresent all over the company!”

(Fernando Gracia, C.E.O. of Maxirent)
“Prohire is the most user friendly system I have come across...”

“I've been in vehicle rental for nearly 20 years now, having used many different systems, from stand alone systems to national networks & dealer management systems. I can honestly say that Prohire is the most user friendly system I have come across. It organises you & the day to day operation of the business without you knowing about it. So when we decided to start Feathers Vehicle Rental, Prohire was the only choice for us! I would like to say thanks to you and the team for the extremely fast set up and efficient way you have dealt with getting us up and running.”

(Tony Feather, General Manager of Feathers Vehicle Rental: 75 vehicles)
Prohire“We have just received our first F.O.D booking (3 months) through Prohire”

“We moved to Prohire from our previous rental software provider because of the lack of development with our existing supplier. We were very apprehensive when we first signed up as not knowing anything about Prohire and only going by the testimonials on their website, but after installation and a few teething problems which are inevitable with any new installation, these were resolved very quickly and I'm glad to say we have not looked back since. Our website has been designed by Prohire's web design team The Third Wheel who worked really quickly and efficiently and handled all the domain transfer and provided an excellent service. We have signed up for FOD (fleet on demand) and have recently received a 3 month booking and hope that this will be a start of more to come”

(Mohammed Ali, Managing Director of Bucks Car Hire: 40 vehicles)
Prohire“We would recommend Prohire to any company, big or small”

“AM Hire have been using Prohire since 1997, initially as a one branch system with 30 vehicles. The system then and now is so solid and user friendly that adding and removing Branches, Vehicles, Groups and Accounts is fast and efficient, without any worries. The Day-to-Day operations are streamlined with the use of the Daily Diary system allowing staff at all branches to see what the situation is at anytime, helping with the vehicle utilisation, deliveries and collections, and valeters' work schedules. Prohire links with our accounts package and uploads invoices directly to customers' accounts, saving time and staff levels. We would recommend Prohire to any company, big or small”

(Steve Chambers, Managing Director of AM Hire: 100 vehicles)
Prohire“One of the best decisions we have made”

“We have now been using Prohire for 18 months and our only regret is that we waited 3 years before getting it! We may only be a small hire company, perched on the Western tip of Cornwall, but the Prohire system has made a terrific difference to our business - we save hours not having to manually arrange bookings and write out agreements and the invoices go directly out to our accounts software package. A great bonus is the ability of the package to remind us of when a service or repair is due - helping us to keep a firm hold on our fleet. The support we have received from Prohire has been faultless and very reassuring. One of the best decisions we have made”

(Chris Head, Director of D W Car & Van Hire: 15 vehicles)
Prohire“Proweb ... a huge benefit to our business”

“We’re very pleased with Proweb and receive many bookings through it each day. It’s a great system and a huge benefit to our busines”

(Raza Mir, Managing Director of Zoo Cars: 140 vehicles)
Prohire“Prohire listens carefully to their customers' needs”

“The continuing success of Prohire as a market leading brand in the rental industry is undoubtedly due to the company's continuance to listen carefully to their customers needs, to understand, then to develop and provide the very best in rental solutions, which not only provide the required information & control but allow all users the simplicity and freedom to use the system in a way which provides the results you are driving to achieve.”

(David Quayle, Sales Director of Athol Car Hire: 120 vehicles)
Prohire“Prohire is a lot easier to use than a manual system”

“Prohire is a lot easier to use than a manual system because the customer database is much quicker to access. It also tags bad risk clients which is very useful in preventing vehicles going out on hire when they shouldn't. Prohire's part-billing saves an awful lot of time and effort.”

(Liz Threadgold of Allied Vehicle Management: 140 vehicles)
Prohire“I'm doing 30-50% more business with fewer vehicles because of Prohire”

“Prohire have changed the way we look at our business. I'm doing 30-50% more business with fewer vehicles because of Prohire.”

(Matthew Aldous, Managing Director of Smart Contract Services)
Prohire“Prohire is flexible and does not hold me back”

“As an ex-Compucar user I find Prohire a lot more flexible and does not hold me back”

(Paul Trent of Boleyn Car & Van Hire: 30 vehicles)
Prohire“One of the best decicions we have made”

“We have come a very long way with Prohire - it's one of the best decicions we have made”

(David Stewart, Managing Director of McNicoll Self Drive: 370 vehicles)
Prohire“I would recommend batch emailing to anyone”

“The batch e-mailing which was new to us last month has been very beneficial to us. The speed and ease with which it works saves a lot of time in printing and postage. In addition, we can see at a glance that delivery has been successful. I would recommend it to anyone”

(Pam Williams, Office Manager at Tipperhire: 400+ vehicles)
Prohire“Proweb turned email enquiries into guaranteed bookings”

“Since using Prohire's web booking service [Proweb], my email enquiries have turned into guaranteed bookings. It's the way to go”

(Martin Buttress, Managing Director of Cambridge Car & Van Rental: 100+ vehicles)
Prohire“The help and support received has been second-to-none”

“We’re proud to support a fellow Kent company by using the Prohire software system. As a busy vehicle rental company, having an industry leading software system to manage our day-to-day operations has saved us a lot of time and effort. We’ve found the system to be very user friendly, and the help and support received has been second-to-none -- one of the best decisions we have made”

(Jason Thompson, Managing Director of Seymour Self Drive Hire & Storage: 100+ vehicles)
Prohire“We are delighted with the Proweb widget”

“Just to say that we are delighted with the Proweb widget and booking system – great set up – thanks :)”

(Barry Clarkson, Managing Director of Clarkson Commercials: 100+ vehicles)
Prohire“Thanks to Prohire Risk, we have avoided a potentially expensive and time consuming problem”

“Prohire Risk has alerted us to a risky hirer. After another hire company posted details of their problems with the hirer, we have been able to avoid a potentially expensive and time consuming problem.”

(Corinne Wright, Director at Bourne Bridge Vehicle Leasing: 100+ vehicles)
Prohire“The most comprehensive system we found...”

“I chose Prohire for Drive Car hire, as it was the most comprehensive system we found. It allowed us to not only allocated clients to vehicles but it allowed us to control vehicle maintenance, thus keeping an eye on costs and it gave us an online system and presence for web booking through Proweb.The system also produces our hire documents which Prohire tailored to our requirements”

(Roy Powell, Managing Director of Drive Car Hire: 30 vehicles)
Prohire“The benefits have been outstanding ... The database of information is invaluable”

“Dorset Vehicle Rentals has been using Prohire since 2002, before then we had paper charts and an endless supply of tipex and highlighter pens. The benefits have been outstanding - from the day to day running of our fleet to utilisation of an individual vehicle to a group of vehicles. The database of information is invaluable, MOT’S, servicing and a client portfolio are all at your fingertips. We would have no hesitation in recommending Prohire.”

(Simon Halstead, General Manager of Dorset Vehicle Rentals: 700 vehicles)
Prohire“We trialled Prohire Anywhere (iPad) ... and the pilot covered our costs within 2 weeks!”

“Having reviewed our website analytics, we realised that most of our potential customers are looking to book a vehicle at times when we are closed, so we trialled Prohire Anywhere for iPad along with extended call handling hours, and the pilot has covered the website, hardware and other costs within 2 weeks.”

(Richard Egan, Managing Director of Williams Self Drive Services: 100 vehicles)
Prohire“Your company have done an outstanding job...”

“Your company/team have done an outstanding job. We are very pleased with the service received.”

(Richard Clifford-Ward, Managing Director of Bathwick Car & Van Hire: 80 vehicles)
Prohire“With Prohire we get straight on to the trained professional first time, this is a real strength.”

“I have to say whenever we call or email the Prohire helpdesk I find them immediately helpful and understanding of the business need/impact. They invariable deal with issues immediately and all seem genuinely nice, very knowledgeable people that want to help. For example I have just spoken to the helpdesk about a report that wasn’t working as it should. In 10mins they had identified the problem and fixed it. Other companies have support teams with untrained/inexperienced people on the front line with script led fixes that take you through a time consuming, unnecessary process that don’t address the issue before you are finally passed on to a trained professional. With Prohire we get straight on to the trained professional first time, this is a real strength. Please pass on my thanks to your support team. Keep up the great work”

(Jason King, Director of Bayfield Vehicle Hire: 300+ vehicles)