Proweb, Prohire’s online booking platform has now processed over 200,000 bookings for rental companies across the UK. 

Since its launch back in November 2018, rental companies using Proweb have received bookings worth over £25 million.  

Proweb bookings have also remained strong throughout the Covid-19 pandemic with more people choosing to buy and book online. Online shopping in the UK was up 30% in April due to the pandemic. Between March and November 2020, Proweb processed over 90,000 rental bookings worth over £8 million.  

If you want to take advantage of the general upturn in online bookings since the start of the pandemic, Proweb can provide the answer.  

Proweb enables online bookings via rental company websites, converting website visitors into paying customers. Fully integrated into the existing Prohire system, quick to set up and fully optimised for smartphones and tablets, Proweb is the ideal way to receive bookings 24/7 and become more visible online. 

With Proweb, rental companies can save time, take online payments, run promotions and receive bookings around the clock with our intelligent availability rules.  

To find out more or view an online demonstration, call 01795 434000 (Opt 2) or email sales@prohire.co.uk