Prohire partners with Network Go! to support independents


Prohire Software has partnered with Network Go! to create new business opportunities for independent rental operators across the UK.

The new partnership aims to support these businesses by directing the nationwide demand for rental vehicles into the hands of independent suppliers.

Prohire users can join Network Go! for free. There's no obligation to accept a booking, no long-term commitment, and no commission fee.

By becoming a Network Go! partner, rental operators join a network of suppliers with a shared passion for the industry and a desire to deliver quality service.

We caught up with Network Go! Development Manager, Denise House, to find out more:

Fay Austen: What is the aim of the new partnership?

Denise House: The overall aim is to expand our coverage and direct more business to independent suppliers. Many of our clients require nationwide coverage; Network Go! allows us to provide that coverage across the UK and Ireland whilst supporting independent rental companies.

FA: How does it work?

DH: It's a very straightforward process. If a rental company wants to come on board, they accept the rate, sign the terms and conditions, complete the partner questionnaire and then it's down to us to provide them with bookings as and when they arise in their local area.

FA: Is there any long-term commitment?

DH: No, it's all very flexible. The rental company will always have the choice of whether to accept or decline a booking. There is no long-term contract with Network Go!. Once they have signed up, we apply for an account and use them as often as we can.

FA: Do operators pay commission on bookings received?

DH: No, we have a standard buy-in tariff which makes things fair. We're not trying to undercut rental companies and make huge margins, that's not the aim of the partnership.

FA: Can you tell us more about the booking process?

DH: It's very straightforward. A client approaches us with a booking request; we search for the vehicle using Vehicle Hire Network and call the partner to confirm the booking. It's a partnership where we respect each other, if a rental company doesn't want to accept a booking, we'll respect that.

FA: Why was there a focus on serving the needs of corporate clients?

DH: Many blue-chip corporate clients use platforms that still require a lot of manual paperwork and scanning. Network Go! provides an entirely digital alternative from placing a booking, to ending the rental and everything in between, all online.

FA: Does the rental company incur any risk?

DH: No, from the rental company's point of view, it's risk-free. Rental companies don't take the risk because the account sits with us. If a client fails to pay for a booking, Network Go! will still pay the rental company.

FA: Can anyone join?

DH: Membership is exclusive to Prohire users. Rental operators do also need to be a Vehicle Hire Network member and use Prohire Companion.

Vehicle Hire Network is essential for us. If a client wants a vehicle, they want it straight away. Vehicle Hire Network makes it quick and easy to locate vehicles in a particular location.

Prohire Companion is a requirement because, in rental, one of the main problems is customers not agreeing to damage or paying for it. Some rental companies are still using manual check-sheets, ticking boxes and drawing diagrams of vehicles. We want the whole process to be seamless, completely paperless, and Prohire Companion makes that possible.

Working with operators that use Prohire and Companion keeps things simple, everything is agreed to upfront, preventing disputes further down the line.

FA: Is there anything else you would like to add?

DH: This is all about independents doing what they do best. Once again, it's a simple, risk-free way to receive more bookings. I would encourage Prohire users to get in touch and to find out more, and we look forward to forging new relationships as the partnership develops.


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