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5 Great Reasons Why We Should Host You

5 Great Reasons Why We Should Host You


When joining Prohire, every customer is given the choice between being self-hosted or hosted by us.

If you’re wondering what the difference is, I highly recommend reading David Saunders’ excellent guide by clicking here.

This choice between who hosts your data is a choice between who you’d like to be responsible for that data.

It may be tempting to go it alone, and in some cases this can be beneficial, but there are many compelling reasons suggesting otherwise.

First and foremost is the issue of security. Your data is the life blood of your business.

Can you imagine the implications should it be lost? 

Every now and then a distraught self-hosted customer will call us saying that their computers have been stolen, or have been infected by malware/viruses. Sometimes power surges can corrupt hard disks and damage hardware, not to mention the repercussions of fire and floods/water damage.




In these instances there is little that we can do to recover lost data and limit the confusion arising from what vehicle is due out when and who has booked what vehicle.

Fortunately there is a solution by being Prohire hosted (something you can become at any point, I should add).

We’ve heavily invested in our hosting infrastructure and are in the process of relocating to a brand new state of the art data centre.  

But, without it sounding too cheesy, hosting has always been a source of pride for us. I’ll tell you 5 good reasons why:

  • Our data centre (the physical location where we can host your data) is based at a location that has 24 hour manned gates, a bullet proof/blast proof security gatehouse, extensive CCTV, an alarmed razor fence perimeter and shark infested waters. (Ok, the ‘shark’ part might be a slight exaggeration!). Security badges are also needed to access the site.



  • The data centre itself is restricted to a select few individuals with electronic ID cards. The hardware in the centre is further secured by combination locks.


  • The centre is air-conditioned (with back-up air-conditioners should any fail!) and fed by two separate power feeds, backed up with a UPS and diesel generator to guarantee constant power.

(The air-conditioners pump cooled air around our hardware ensuring optimum temperature and thus efficiancy).

  • Likewise, our internet connection comes from two separate backbone providers ensuring that we’re always online and ready to assist you.

  • Our firewall prevents outside unauthorised access to your data. The paired firewalls mean there are always back-ups in the unlikely event that one pair should fail. Furthermore our advanced anti-virus software occasionally detects viruses not picked up by our customer’s protection software!

It's also worth mentioning that our hosting hardware is further protected by gaseous fire extinguising systems that can disperse throughout the entire data centre in the unlikely event of a fire.


To put it bluntly, your data is truly safe with us.

Can you say the same if you’re self-hosted?


If you’d like to find out more or discuss your hosting options, please contact us now on 01795 434000.