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5 Things You May Not Know About Prohire

5 Things You May Not Know About Prohire


1: Invoice Templates


Recently we added a facility in Prohire that allows you to template your standard invoices.

So if you find yourself always having to create that congestion charge invoice and typing out the same information time and time again - have a look at saving it as a template. The screenshot below shows you the invoice template screen and just to get you going we've already converted your vehicle job descriptions into invoice templates. Give it a try and let us know what you think!



2: Posting payments to Sage 


Why spend time manually keying in individual payment transactions when they can be easily exported out of Prohire and imported into your Sage accounts system? This was a feature recently added and came as a request from a new client. We have always listened to the needs of our clients and added features to the system that will benefit everyone. So give it a go! The payments posting option can be found on the accounts posting screen as shown below.



3: Batch vehicle updates


Need a way to update lots of vehicles in one big batch? Maybe you need to update all the road fund license renewal dates but don’t want to do that vehicle by vehicle. On the vehicle screen select the Batch process button; select the vehicles you want to update - process the changes and you’re done!



4: Attributes (Extra fields on the vehicle and client screen)


If you need to record more information about a client or a vehicle and we haven’t provided you with a built-in field, then use attributes. They allow you to extend the information that can be recorded. First of all in setup create your new attributes and see them appear on the vehicle or client screen. You can create a whole host of different field types, tick boxes, lists, date/time. All can be made mandatory and searchable.



5: Notes for Bookings, Vehicles and Clients


Last but not least. Over the years we've always been asked for ways to record more information about a booking, vehicle or client. That’s why we introduced the ability to record as many notes as you like and even attach documents to them as well. Clients use this facility in many ways but its most common use is to scan license details and attach them to the client or scan and attach the vehicle docs and service paperwork. Notes can also be set to alert you of important information with a popup.