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A great way to organise your daily rental activities

A great way to organise your daily rental activities


Running a rental desk can be a tough and fast pace environment if you have lots of customers turning up at the same time, in most cases Monday morning 9am.


At times like these you need a tool that can show you exactly what needs to be done, who is coming in to collect and return vehicles, any collection/deliveries to be made and any potential conflicts with bookings.


The Prohire software comes with a purpose built tool for this called the ‘Daily Diary’.



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The Daily Diary, at a glance will show you the name of the customer the booking is allocated to, the vehicle registration, date & time the booking is due out or due to return.


So without having to search or manually find the details of a booking, Prohire’s Daily Diary will always be up to date to give you all the necessary information to flawlessly run your rental desk.


Wanting to forward plan and see what’s happening? No problem! Prohire’s Daily Diary can be moved forward by selecting the desired date from the calendar drop down & instantly you’re shown what bookings are due to check out or in and any collection or deliveries to be made. Simple.


As well as showing you the simple stuff, the Daily Diary also shows you more advanced booking details:


Chasing up unconfirmed/quoted bookings   Prohire allows you to save booking(s) in an ‘unconfirmed’ status, allowing you to chase up on quotes sent out and then turn into confirmed bookings - ensuring no loss of potential business.


Late returns alert The Daily Diary alerts you to bookings that have not been returned within the required check in date/time.


Conflicting bookings  The Daily Diary will alert on bookings that are in conflict with each other, e.g. Registration ABC123 is currently on hire and has not yet been returned but also has a booking allocated to it waiting to be checked out. The Daily Diary will alert you to this conflict by highlight the registration number. This allows you to move the booking to another vehicle or to chase the current hirer.


Locked Vehicle → A column on the Daily Diary shows if a vehicle is locked to a booking: a Prohire feature that restricts moving a booking to another vehicle when a customer requires a specific vehicle.


Required Group vs. Supplied Group  These are two separate columns on the Daily Diary that show if you have upsold or downsold a booking.


Additional driver name  The name of the additional driver allocated to a booking. Very useful for company client booking(s) as you can see who will be collecting the vehicle.


So the Daily Diary is a great tool for viewing booking details, conflicts and flagging up alerts - but you can also complete actions on a booking to speed up the checking out & in process.


For instance the return button allows you to ‘return’ an on-hire booking via a single click, thus allowing the full check-in to be completed later on once you have some spare time. A very handy little button when you have a quick turnaround to do.


The pre-rental check button allows you to prepare a vehicle for hire in advance of the checkout, so that you are ‘ready’ for the customer arriving to collect his/her vehicle.


There you have it - the tool to make the rental operators' daily task more easy, and to make your business run more smoothly. What more could you ask for?!