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A month on the helpdesk

A month on the helpdesk


I’ve now been at Prohire for a month and I’m surprised at how much I’ve learnt about the vehicle hire industry and its associated jargon. Without it sounding too cheesy, I really can’t praise enough the support and training I’ve received from my helpdesk colleagues David, Pete and Jamie.

Although I have experience in the IT industry, I couldn’t have prepared for the amount of information and knowledge that I would receive from my helpdesk colleagues. All have been at Prohire for many years and know the system inside out, and their expertise when assisting our customers and the daily running of their businesses is second to none.

Dealing with our customers on a daily basis I have received a lot of training and support from my colleagues. It’s clear to me that there is a very positive culture on the helpdesk and that all strive to be polite, professional and efficient at all times.

After introducing myself to many existing customers over the telephone and hearing how happy and cheerful they are, I feel quite proud to say that I’m now a member of Prohire and the wider vehicle hire industry.

Having only been here for a month, I have learnt the personalities of the helpdesk. Jamie is incredibly hard working and once he starts a task he won’t finish until it’s done. Pete has an efficient and brilliant technique on resolving any complication that a customer may face. And last but not least is David, who always pushes us to do our best and to exceed customer expectations.

Having seen the amount of hard work that the helpdesk puts into their work, I look forward to putting in the same 150% that Jamie, Pete and David do throughout each week.