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Are you able to re-pass the driving test?

Are you able to re-pass the driving test?


A new survey suggests that 1 in 5 motorists believe they would fail their driving test if they had to do it again.

The majority of drivers confess to have picked up bad driving-habits, with 20% of motorists having been involved in an accident or a near-miss within the past year.

The most common driving bad habits include:

1) Speeding (86%)
2) Driving with one-hand on the wheel (84%)
3) Not checking mirrors before changing speed (82%)
4) Getting into the wrong-lane at a round-about (76%)
5) Being distracted by passengers (72%)
6) Not checking mirrors before indicating (70%)
7) Playing music too loud (69%)
8) Tailgating (63%)
9) Not indicating when changing direction (61%)
10) Parking outside road markings (58%)

The research was carried out by esure car insurance who assesed the skills of a sample of motorists through both practical and theory driving tests. All the participants committed at least 3 major faults in their practical driving test.