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August Round-Up from Prohire HQ

August Round-Up from Prohire HQ



Hope you’re all well and good.

It’s been a busy month here at HQ – we welcomed 4 new customers in August and 11 in July, taking our number of locations to over 530.



Of concern this month…. I’ve had a few discussions lately about the abolition of paper/plastic licenses in 2015. Obviously this is going to have a knock-on effect for rental companies, so I did a bit of research.

The following is taking from a recent newsletter:


“The DVLA is committed to abolishing the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence by 2015 following the outcome of the governments Red Tape Challenge consultation on road transportation. Paper licences issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998 are not affected


There is a genuine business need for real-time access to the information currently available on the counterpart, and may not wish to call the DVLA or be in a position to use an intermediary. Therefore we (DVLA) are developing new digital services to meet this need on a new Integrated Enquiry Platform (IEP)


We (DVLA) are working together with third party users (such as employers and hire car companies) to consider a number of options. One of the options is to provide a service that will allow licence holders to share their record with those who have a right to view it. This will provide one time, read only access to the record. Another option is for us to develop a real-time interface to allow organisations to enquire against the minimum set of data currently contained on the counterpart”


All very interesting. If you would like to read more about this, click on the link below.



Meanwhile, Fleetondemand continue their good work and the number of Prohire customers who provide fleet to Fleetondemand is constantly growing. Managing Director, Sarah Easton, tells me that most of their searches for available vehicles are for the following


3 most popular vehicle requests:

Luton Tailift


Prestige vehicle (Mercs & BMW etc)


It stands to reason that the more vehicles available through the platform, and through the search application built by Prohire which gives instant availability, the higher the chances are of placing a booking and therefore the more customers will rely on that search as a reliable source… it goes without saying that if you’re interested in becoming a supplier or if you already are a supplier but would like to have Prohire, please give me a call.


Also, in the news this week…Prohire Risk continues to grow



No of incidents recorded since inception 392

No of matches found : 16


That’s 16 times when a potential “situation” has been averted. Thanks to everyone who is using Prohire Risk, you’re making it work!


If you’re not using Prohire Risk and would like to find out more, please give me a call.


That’s all for now, folks!


Thanks for reading