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Bad news for classic cars?

Bad news for classic cars?



The European Commission is proposing a shake-up of the current MOT system – which could have a huge impact on the classic car industry.  The plans include measures to exempt cars of more than 30 years from MOT testing – but only if they have not had any change in the technical characteristics of the car’s main components (engine, steering, brakes etc.). This is because all vehicles would need to remain identical to their factory specifications.

The AA warns that if the law were passed, a classic car fitted with updated brakes or perhaps larger alloy wheels would fail its MOT and therefore not be deemed roadworthy in Britain.

News of the proposals has drawn criticism across the board, including the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs which said: “We reject the suggestion that Roadworthiness Testing should relate to a vehicle’s ‘technical characteristics’, whatever the age of the vehicles”.

The Department for Transport has said that: “This document is a proposal rather than final legislation… We will be analysing the proposals to find out what impact they will have on businesses and motorists."