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Beards barrier to car rental jobs?

Beards barrier to car rental jobs?

A job-hunter from Carmarthenshire has been rejected by Enterprise Rent-a-Car because he has a beard.  

Former Royal protection officer Keith Harber applied for a position as a car washer, but was stunned when rejected due to his appearance – prior to being seen an interview.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car asked Mr Harber on the phone whether he had a full driving licence and any facial piercings or tattoos. He was then asked whether he had any facial hair to which he replied “Yes, I have a beard” – prompting the phone caller to ask whether Mr Harber would shave it off in accordance with the company dress requirements. When Mr Harber refused, he was told “We don’t employ people with beards”.


Mr Harber said “I’m going to continue to apply for jobs, I’m hoping I can find a company who are more understanding”.