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Britain's Spookiest Roads

Britain's Spookiest Roads


Ghost hunting or as it is (rarely) referred to as “an organised science” seems to be gaining in popularity with paranormal teams popping up here, there and indeed everywhere. Here are few mean spirited roads of note ...



Bluebell Hill A229, Kent

The collision hot spot that is Bluebell Hill on the A229 is allegedly the haunting ground of a phantom women who died in car crash on the eve of her wedding in 1965. The ghouly girl has accumulated 50 eye witnesses and international press coverage. This paranormal tale is even being made into a film!



Closely following is the A75 in Dumfriesshire which has more reports of supernatural activity than any other road in the UK.

The most common of sightings include screaming hags, eyeless phantoms, hordes of unearthly creatures and even a phantom furniture van driver. One eye witness was so shocked he gave up lorry driving all together after sleeping in a layby on the road.

If you’re interested in investigating for yourself, why not book a tour with the paranormal investigators team Mostly Ghostly?!



Pluckley, Kent


Declared the most haunted village by the Guinness Book of Records, Pluckley in Kent reportedly has 12 different ghosts including the Watercress Woman who sits on a bridge drinking gin and a highway man who was impaled with a sword and hung on a tree. The ghostly village was host to the television programme Top Gear which filmed the gang sleeping in the infamous screaming woods, as well as inspiring Ian Flemming whilst penning the adventures of Bond.


The winner is the M6, one of Britain’s longest roads which crosses through many counties collating lots of history. The new toll section of the M6 has, apparently, attracted a small army of Roman soldiers who march through the tarmac waste deep.


Know of any particular ghoulsome roads? Lets me know: