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Calls for Emergency Transmitters in Cars

Calls for Emergency Transmitters in Cars



In an effort to reduce mortality on the road, a new European Commission proposal has called for a compulsory ‘eCall’ system to be built in all road vehicles from 2015.

The electronic ‘eCall’ device is implanted in vehicles and sleeps during normal conditions. In the event of an accident, the device automatically alerts the emergency services informing them of the vehicle’s location.

This clever piece of kit aims to boost the survival chances of crash victims by speeding up the arrival time of the emergency services.  Medical experts talk of a ‘Golden Hour’ following an accident where survival chances are at their best. However what happen if a witness is not present at a crash where all passengers are knocked unconscious?  

Each year on European roads, there are over 35,000 deaths and 1.5millions injuries.  Once fully deployed, the new ‘eCall’ technology is predicted to save around 700 lives each year and prevent 70,000 injuries.

Currently only 0.7% of passenger vehicles in Europe are fitted with ‘eCall’ technology.

What are your opinions on this? A great idea bound to save lives or an intrusion into the privacy of drivers? Let us know what you think! 

(For an illustrated graphic of how the e-call device works, visit