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Central Reservations: What You Need To Know

Central Reservations: What You Need To Know

Many companies think that Prohire can only be used for daily & long term rentals, but this is not the case.

Prohire also has a very powerful central reservation feature that allows you to take bookings centrally & then farm out the bookings to your other locations.

Central Reservations


This is very advantageous as you can simply publish one central contact number for your customers to call, the central reservation team locate the vehicle the customer wants and places the booking.

Prohire supports one-way hires as well as booking against a vehicle that is currently at another site. Of course if you have many sites you may not want to offer this visibility to every location and so your sites can be set up either with or without permission to view other sites, depending on how you like to do things.

At the end of the day when all should be completed, a global overview of your locations' outstanding activities can be viewed. The level of visibility across 2 ... or 500 locations is astounding!