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Charge Items in Prohire: What You Need To Know

Sack Barrow

Charge Items in Prohire: What You Need To Know

Whilst we include a large number of charge items out of the box in Prohire, there will always be some items that you offer, which aren't included on our list. So in this blog we’ll take a look at how you go about creating new charge items and how they can be added to your tariff rates.


When creating a new charge item you have the choice of creating it as a stand-alone item, i.e. it's only used on adhoc invoices or credit notes, or it can be an item that’s going to be added to your tariff rates so it can be included on a customer’s rental agreement.




To create your new charge item, head to the Tariff Templates menu option under Setup. This screen provides you with a list of all the tariff templates currently on your system. If the new charge item you’re creating is something that will be sold to your customers then you will need to select one of these templates - press Edit Template and then select Setup Charges from the toolbar.


Or if you know this charge item is only going to be used on adhoc invoices or credit notes then you can just use the Charge Items button on the toolbar.


The Chargeable Items screen displays a list of all the charge items currently on the system along with the tax rate applied to them.  Using the New button will allow you to create the new item by first giving it a unique reference code, a description and then setting the tax rate for the item. Once you have created it, this item will then be available to use on any new adhoc invoices or credit notes that you create.


However if you want this item to be available for selling to your customers on a rental agreement then the final setup in the Tariff Template screen is to include this item on your chosen template.  After adding it to the template a rate cards you have based on this template will automatically receive this new item but it will have no prices associated with it. This is something that you will either need to do within the booking every time it is sold or by amending your rate cards with the price you want to charge.