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Charging For Added Extras: The Easy Way

Charging For Added Extras: The Easy Way


In Prohire, you will need to access the 'Charge Details' screen within a booking in order to charge your customer for additional items (such as SatNav, Baby Seat etc).

If you want to add a specific charge item for use on either Stand Alone invoices or for use on your Tariffs, go Tools => Setup => Tariff Templates, click on the button Charge Items and then on the button New.


Item Ref: enter a unique identifier for this charge item. This identifier can be a maximum of 10 characters long.

Description: enter in a more detailed name for this Charge Item.

Category: select from the drop down a charge category for this item. These categories allow you to specify what type of item this is, thereby allowing you to group similar items together for reporting purposes even though they may have completely different names. There are a number of reports that use this category when generating its figures.

Charge Method: select the type of charge this is, i.e. is it going to be a percentage of another item or do you want to be able to just add a figure for this charge. This field must have something entered into it. 

Tax Code (Band 1): select from the drop down the tax rating that applies to this item. This field must have a value entered into it.

When To Bill: this option is used specifically during the Interim Bill process. From the drop down select First or Last if you want this Chargeable Item to only ever appear on the First or Last Invoice during Interim Billing or set it to Reoccurring if you want the Chargeable Item to be spread across all invoices generated.

Fixed Price (used for Sundry Invoicing): enter a value into this field so that when you create an adhoc invoice or credit note and the item is add the system will automatically bring through this price Having entered into all your information for this Chargeable Item click OK to save or Cancel to exit without saving.