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Credit Management in Prohire

Credit Management in Prohire

The Prohire system comes with some basic account management features that allow you to control your account customers.This control is provided by setting up credit limits for those accounts which Prohire will then monitor to ensure that the customer does not go over their limit.

After setting up the account on your customer there is an additional setting at the bottom of the screen, labelled “Enforce Credit Management”. When this option is selected the account will only be allowed to place bookings up to the value of the credit limit you have entered.



The credit limit and balance fields you have on this screen can either be entered manually by a user or if you are running Sage they can be imported into Prohire. The figures under the Outstanding Business heading provides you with a breakdown of the customer’s business based on what they have due to be checked out, what they currently have on rent and what they have checked in but not yet posted across to your accounts system.

When a user puts a booking onto the system and it has the potential to take the customer over their credit limit, a warning box will appear informing the user of this and they will need to confirm that it’s OK to place the booking. If the customer is still going to go over their limit when the booking is due to be checked out, the user will be presented with another warning message that they will have to agree with.



As you can see from the above image it is possible to customise the messages that will appear if the customer is going to go over their credit limit. These warning boxes can also be configured so that only authorised users will be able to proceed or override these messages.