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Day-End Banking Sheets

Day-End Banking Sheets


To assist you in keeping track of your daily takings, Prohire comes with a set of reports that provides you with reports showing all the payments you’ve taken and the invoices that you’ve generated. In Prohire we call these reports 'Day Sheets' and they come in two distinct forms, we have a Payment Day Sheet and an Invoice Day Sheet. A list of the previously generated Day Sheets can all be found under the Management => Daysheet screen, and from within this screen is where you will also create new Day Sheets.



When you generate a Day Sheet the system will create a Payment Day Sheet that will group together all the payments and refunds that you have taken by the method of payment used, i.e. MasterCard, Cash etc. with totals for each method at the end. By having the report in this way it will hopefully make it easier for you to cross reference against your PDQ machine reports.

The other Day Sheet report that gets generated is the Invoice Day Sheet. This report will show you all the invoices that you have created at your logged-in site. The report will group all the different invoice types together and then grouped again to distinguish whether the invoice was created for a cash or account customer.

An important fact about Day Sheets is that you cannot post invoices or payments unless they have first appeared on a Day Sheet.