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Did you know Prohire can manage your storage units?

Did you know Prohire can manage your storage units?

Did you know that Prohire can manage your storage units? Recently a number of our clients have started to offer storage units to their customer and they have contacted us about using Prohire to manage this aspect of their business.  While Prohire has not been designed specifically to manage storage units, it is certainly possible to bend the application to allow this to be accomplished.

The storage units would simply be added onto the system as normal 'vehicles', but you would have created new groups and tariffs to assign them to. Once added to the system, you will treat them as normal vehicles and check them in and out as usual. As the storage unit agreement is typically completely different from the standard agreement used for vehicle rental, it is often necessary for us to write a custom agreement. When the units are loaded onto the system, they are classified as 'vehicles' so they will be included in your normal vehicle count, so it will be necessary to contact sales to discuss your requirements in terms of your fleet cap.


Want to discuss what options there are for Prohire to manage your storage units? Get in touch with us now on 01795 434000!