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Don't Be A Victim of e-Vehicle crime!

Don't Be A Victim of e-Vehicle crime!

As vehicles grow in techincal features, the number of technical exploitations open to criminals tend to increase. 

We have recently heard from a few customers that they've been vicitims of a new type of crime -- eVehicle crime.

What is eVehicle crime? Well the short answer is criminals make their own keys to your vehicles.



Using highly sophisticated equipment that plugs into the vehicle's OBD system (On Board Diagnostic) - thieves can program a brand new key and start the vehicle.

This technique is able to clone keys from a wide range of vehicle makes.

We've even seen reports of criminal gangs placing their own trackers onto luxury vehicles (e.g., so they can monitor the vehicle's movements to identify a 'good time' to hack the vehicle.

See below for a video report into the subject:



As well as the usual vehicle security measures, there are now commercially available anti-hacking devices that help prevent vehicle hacking.

As always, be vigilant and use Prohire Risk to report any incidents!