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Driving Fine Hike?

Driving Fine Hike?


The goverment has announced possible increased fines for motorists found texting, eating sandwiches or lighting a cigarette whilst driving.


Motorists caught red handed at the wheel could soon be subjected to a penalty hike from £60 to £90 as part of a government initiative to crack-down on dangerous driving. The fine would also cover driving at an inapproriate speed and needlessly hogging the middle lane of a motorway.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin introduced the penalty plans whilst talking at a road safety conference in London last week. The secretary told the conference that "we want to send a clear message to dangerous drivers: If you continue to show complete disregard for the safety of other road users, we will catch you – and we will punish you."

More than one million drivers have been convicted of using a hand-held mobile phone behind the wheel since 2003.

A Departmenrt of Transport spokeswoman commented: ‘This is something the government is looking at, but a decision hasn’t been made on this as yet.’