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Easy PCN Management ... in Prohire

PCN Management

Easy PCN Management ... in Prohire

A common requirement of Prohire is to locate clients that have used your vehicles when PCN’s (Penalty Notice Charges) come in and how to then manage these within the system.  In this blog we’ll look at the facilities that Prohire offers to locate customers who used the vehicle and how you can recharge the customer for the PCN.

Locating customers who used the vehicle

When a PCN arrives, it could be a couple of weeks after the customer has finished with the vehicle and the only information you have available on the ticket is the registration number of the vehicle. If the PCN was issued recently then you will be able to use the Allocation Chart to locate who was using the vehicle at the time.The other screen you can use to locate who used the vehicle, is the “Bookings” screen. In this screen you will enter the registration number of the vehicle you are looking for, and by using the Pick Up & Actual Return dates you can limit the system to only show bookings within the date range you’re interested in.


Once you have entered the registration number and date range you are interested in, the system will display the bookings that match the criteria. You will then be able to redirect the PCN to the client that was using the vehicle at the time.

Recharging customer for PCN


There may be instances where you will recharge the customer for the PCN because you have already paid. In this scenario you will create a Sundry Sales Invoice, made out to the customer for the PCN and possibly an admin fee. Using the method described above you will locate the customer utilising the vehicle at the time, and then once you are in the booking go to the “Invoice & Billing” tab. Under the section for Invoices you will find an option “New Sundry Invoice”, using this will allow you to create an invoice that will be sent to the customer. If this is something you deal with on a regular basis, it’s possible to setup a templated invoice that already contains the charges you want to be included on the invoice.