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Guide to Setting Up New Users

Guide to Setting Up New Users


Setting up users for Prohire is an essential part of using Prohire. The reason it's so important is that you don't want people to have the ability to go through your bookings, client details, vehicle information etc without being authorised by a Manager or Rental Manager.

To access the current users click the following Tools -> Security -> Show Security -> Users. This will show you the current number of users and if they are currently archived or not.



The image above shows you an example layout of 3 users. Starting from left to right the items include their name, initials, password, role, home site and archive tick box. The archive tick box will disable the user so that they cannot log in.

You can set up as many users as you would like with different role types and definitions, determining what they can do within Prohire. If you would like to password everything so that it records their movements and restrict their actions - please see Jamie's auditing blog by clicking here.


  • TIP: You can disable the drop down box that shows the user names to increase security by un-ticking the Display Usernames on Logon.  This will make sure that if an unauthorised user runs Prohire there is no information in the user logon box.