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Hosting v.s. On Premise

Hosting v.s. On Premise


One of the most commonly asked questions when talking to new clients is...

“Should I host the system myself or can you host it for me?”

With Prohire you get the best of both worlds.

Unlike many other vendors we don't force you down one path or the other.

Prohire can be hosted at our own data centre or it can be installed on your own local machines. As it’s such a lightweight program it will comfortably run on most modern desktop machines.

We designed Prohire to be run over the internet. So it will run just as fast over your broadband as it does on your own local network.

Some clients prefer to keep their data on site on their own systems. We respect that and that is why we can install the system locally for you.

All too often we hear of cases where a server has been stolen from a site or hardware has failed and no backups have been taken. This can be costly and time consuming to recover from.

When considering hosting think about the following factors:

  • Do you have your own IT staff on hand or access to a local IT company who already provide your systems?
  • Is your current system capable? – In most cases the answer to this is YES but we can help you to assess this.
  • How many locations will your business run from?
  • Are your locations secured and if you host yourself will your data be safe?
  • What data backup procedures do you have in place?
  • What is the speed and quality of your internet connections at each location?
  • Will you require access to your system from home or when you're travelling?
  • Will you be using our ProWeb product which allows your clients to book online day or night. For this to work continuously your system must stay on at all times.

So what exactly do you get if we host the system for you?

  • Security - Our data centre is located on a secure site with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, 24 hour manned security gate and access to the data centre is limited to only a few key personnel.
  • Resilience - The data centre has dual internet feeds, dual power, uninterruptable power supplies, backup generators
  • Redundancy - We host the system from several servers so if one component fails the system carries on.
  • Backup - We backup data on a daily basis and remove this data from the data centre.
  • Monitoring - We monitor all of our systems and are alerted by text of any issue that may affect the level of service.

Can I change my mind later?

It’s no problem if you decide to host the system yourself and then change your mind later. We have moved many clients' systems onto our hosted platform - this can be done very easily as and when you are ready.