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How Colourful are your Hire Vehicles?

How Colourful are your Hire Vehicles?


I recently hired a vehicle for a Christmas trip to visit my sister in Ipswich and it occurred to me that all the vehicles on the forecourt were black. When I was in Scotland in the Summer another rental company close to Edinburgh train station had all white vehicles.

As a client car colour would make me choose one rental company over another. I like the colour black but I'm not keen on white, so in my case, the rental company in Edinburgh lost my business. Now, you may say, I am too picky and I did have alternatives, but colour was a factor in making my decision.

Submit our quick 1-minute survey on vehicle hire colour and I'll post the results in my next blog!

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Reviewing various articles it seems that silver, white and black remain the top three colours since 2009 but which colour tops the 2013 paint list?

According to a recent Daily Mail report ( white has secured the top spot in 2013 overtaking black in 2012. Silver remains a popular colour as it's apparently easy to clean and hides dents and scratches better than other colours. But is this just perception or is there any science in it?

It's considered that trends of car colour follow peoples view on colour together with domestic household goods. Like the move from white kitchen appliances to Stainless steel (Silver) and black. New mobile gadgets being white and the latest TV’s and game consoles being black.


Resale value is a significant factor too. The right colour for a vehicle can secure a firm and speedy sale.

So are we going back to black? Car manufactures take colour very seriously and it's predicted that over the next few years we may see rich greens and deep purples turn up on certain models with metallic grey making a comeback. If right you can say you heard it first from Prohire!

I currently own a silver Peugeot 206, but have owned a blue Audi A1 and Renault Clio, a red,  white and black VW Golf and finally I will confess to owning a yellow Skoda!