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How to use Grace Days in Prohire

How to use Grace Days in Prohire

Do you have customers that you want Prohire to not charge for on certain days?

These days could be weekends, bank holidays or more generally they could be every 6th & 7th day of the customer's hire. This functionality within Prohire is called "Grace Days" and this blog post will provide you with a brief outline of what Prohire provides.

Prohire comes with a number of different types of Grace Days that you can setup. One option that you can setup is specific days of the weeks to automatically be free of charge, e.g. Saturday and Sunday. Another option that you can configure is for a certain date range to be free of charge, e.g. 24th December to 26th December. And the final option you can setup is for every x day of hire to be free, e.g. every 7th day of hire will be free to the customer - irrespective of when the rental started.


(Setting up a grace day configuration)


Once you have setup the type of Grace Days you want to provide globally, you will then apply these settings to the relevant customers and the system will then automatically apply these to their rentals. The Prohire system will allow you to combine two or more Grace Day configurations together to provide you with maximum flexibility. If the customer also has scheduled invoicing setup, these Grace Days will also be taken into consideration when calculating how much to charge on that invoice.

(Client with different types of Grace Day configurations applied)


Should you have any questions about Grace Days and how to set-up, please call the helpdesk now on 01795 434000.