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Is your data secure?

Data Security

Is your data secure?

On my recent travels, we rented the following new modes of transport on our recent trip to Myanmar (Burma):-


Ox and cart

Horse and cart

Long boat

No Allocation Chart or Daily Diary required here, just good old fashioned, handover of the mode of transport and a driver in exchange for kyats!  Also, no requirement to keep their data secure….

However -- is your data secure?

Over the last few months we've had a large number of clients move their Prohire database to our secure data centre.


There have been a number of reasons for doing this, including:-

Peace of mind that their data is safe, should their P.C become corrupted for any reason (e.g. virus, theft, fire/flood etc).


No need to remember to perform Prohire database back-ups -- Prohire entirely takes care of this for you.


Hosted customers have exclusive access to Prohire Anywhere (see more here)


Hosted customers will be among the first to use the soon to be released Prohire Mobile (see more here)



Have you considered how safe your data is?  Have a look at our attached link:

Please call today on 01795 434000 if you'd like to talk to us about hosting your data!