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Managing Maintenance Jobs in Prohire

Managing Maintenance Jobs in Prohire

While the Prohire system does not contain a fully fledge Maintenance module it is possible to record basic maintenance work that you have undertaken on your vehicles. Within each vehicle there is a job history screen where you record the maintenance work you have undertaken on the vehicle and how much it cost you. In this blog we will take a look at how to firstly create these jobs and then how you go about adding a job to your vehicle.

By default Prohire comes installed with 1 Maintenance Job created so they first thing that you will need to do is create additional jobs that you can use. Within the System Setup menu option you will have a tab labelled Job Description. In this screen you can create your maintenance job and also what the job entails.  Looking at the images below you can see we can created a “Full Service” maintenance job and then in the Job Schedule section we have detailed what work will be undertaken on this job.


Once you have created all your maintenance jobs we can now have a look at adding these jobs to our vehicle history. When you view the details of a vehicle in Prohire you will find a History in the menu bar at the top, it is this screen where you can view previous jobs done and also add new jobs.  As you can see from the screenshot below the jobs are listed in date order for you and you have the ability to export this grid to Excel if needed.


From this screen you will be taken into Vehicle Maintenance and from here you can specify what supplier is undertaking the work and also what job they are performing on the vehicle. This screen also provides you with the ability to record the Supplier’s invoice number and also how much it cost you in total. Looking at the screenshot below you can see some of the information that can be recorded when creating a maintenance job. 


Under the Vehicle Reports section there is a dedicated report that you can run that will show you all the maintenance jobs that you have performed within a date range or on a particular vehicle.