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Motorists Using Mobiles 'Could Face Bigger Penalties'

Driving using a mobile phone

Motorists Using Mobiles 'Could Face Bigger Penalties'

Ministers are considering plans to increase a penalty given to drivers caught using hand-held mobile phones.  

A Department for Transport consultation suggests 9% of motorists regularly take “selfies” when behind the wheel.

According to the document, there were 3,611 reported accidents between 2009-2014 that "occurred where at least one driver" was on their mobile, a figure which is likely "significantly under recorded".


The Government is looking at increasing the fixed penalty notice from £100 to £150 and raising the number of points each offence carries in the hope of reducing road accidents and fatalities caused by distracted drivers. The fixed penalty notice was already raised from £60 to £100 in 2013.

First time offenders could continue to be offered the chance to attend police safety courses to avoid an endorsement on their licence.

The consultation closes 15th March.