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My October Blog

My October Blog


Happy Movember!

It’s been a while since my last blog and there’s so much to talk about so let’s get cracking on with what Prohire and the team here in Kent have been up to recently

IT - Bringing Innovation


Thanks to everyone who came along to the Prohire road shows with Fleetondemand, over 100 of you attended which was really heart-warming! 

For those of you that weren’t aware, the roadshows were to introduce our new partners, Fleetondemand and to talk about connecting all Prohire clients together to potentially become the largest automated network of rental companies in the UK.

Through this connected network, Fleetondemand and Prohire offer renters of vehicles, including leasehire companies, insurance companies, breakdown and credit hire companies instant access to over 37,000 vehicles most of which are commercials and specialist vehicles.

There is about £250 million worth of business in the UK from rental intermediaries, 10% of which are for distressed or specialist vehicles.

All Prohire clients are independents and as such offer a wider range of vehicles and services than the Nationals and we aim to make passing business to the Prohire Network as easy as possible.

The roadshows brought the whole project to life and those that attended will know we’re now anticipating the imminent arrival of rates from Fleetondemand to really get the ball rolling.


Prohire Workshops...



back by popular demand –old-school face to face training. Prohire users of old will remember coming here for their Prohire training. Does anyone still have their certificate? Since the advent of the internet 99% of our training has taken place online which is all good and has its place. However, as an alternative to this, we now offer a range of face-to-face courses for beginners or for more advanced Prohire users. Training takes place in our quiet, stress free and interruption free offices. Our first course this month proved a big hit and we’re running one every month.

Special thanks to Jo from Motorent and Dave and Andrew from Peugeot Pentagon ….it was a pleasure to meet you all and thanks for great feedback.

If you’d like to find out more on our workshop courses, please email James Cole


Listening to our Customers



This new feature is now settling in after a few weeks of adjustments and by using the feedback button you’ve really helped us to make it work, so keep using it! 



Making Life Easier

When adding new vehicles to Prohire our DVLA link automatically populates numerous vehicle data fields including make, model, colour, fuel type and CO2 emissions simply by entering the registration number.





Now for Something a Little Different

Each month I’ll be writing about a different client and this month the spotlight is on ….Seymour Hire

Managing Director, Jason Thompson and his team in Larkfield nr Maidstone, Kent have been with Prohire since 2002 – so well over 10 years now!

Having started with a small fleet of 9 vehicles, Seymour have grown to over 40 units and can attribute a lot of this growth to the use of Prohire as their rental system.


As is typical of many independent rental companies, Seymour Hire offers a huge range of vans from the compact Ford Fiestas all the way up to drop siders, box vans and 7.5 tonners with tail lifts…even transporters!

Seymour Hire also specialise in storage options for business and private individuals, allowing you to store excess stock or household items whilst you move. Their 'U-Move' packing service means you can purchase all of your boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap from the same place.

Thank-you Jason and the Seymour team for all your support over the years – from XS Shield to Proweb, you’ve supported everything we do!

If you’d like your company to feature in next month’s spot light, just send a picture of one of your vehicles (preferably with logo!)



New Customers

Lastly… SWM Motors, Jack Self Drive and The Wirral Van Centre have all joined Prohire in the last few weeks, so thank-you and welcome!


Thanks for reading my blog, if anyone’s got any questions or wants to find out more please email me on