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Need to better track vehicle utilization?

Need to better track vehicle utilization?


Defleeting Vehicles on Fleet and what to look out for

When adding a new vehicle to Prohire it is important to mointor its statistics in order to keep a close on its mileage/miles per day allowance and age.

This could be to avoid going over your set mileage allowance each year, or how many years you should be keeping the vehicle on fleet before defleeting it.

To help prevent this we have created what we call the 'Traffic Light System'.




This system highlights the vehicle registrations on the allocation chart in different colours. It works out the miles per day and tells us whether the vehicle is about to go over or is already over its miles per day.


The four colours are:


  • Green - The vehicle currently has a mileage per day that is 10% higher than its optimum
  • White - The vehicle's mileage per day usage is within the 10% boundary of the optimum
  • Yellow - The vehicle is currently more than 10% below the optimum miles per day
  • Red - The vehicle is over its proposed exit mileage or the vehicle should have been defleeted


Please see the screenshot below for the different colours in the VEH REG column.



The information that Prohire gathers to display whether the vehicle is over or under its miles per day is sourced from the details that you input when adding the vehicle to your fleet.



You've probably seen this screen a million times and wondered why some of the information is required.

The reason is that Prohire can take the Fleet entry date and subtract it from the Proposed fleet exit date to work out how many days it should be on fleet for. It then takes the Entry mileage and subtracts it from the Proposed fleet exit mileage and works out how many miles it is allowed to do based on the number of days it is on fleet.