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Need to quickly find historical booking information?

Need to quickly find historical booking information?


Need to find historical booking information? Perhaps you need to quickly retrieve a rental agreement from last year? Or find out who was hiring a certain vehicle at a specific time? 

Prohire provides some in-depth search facilities to find current / historical booking or invoices.

These search screens can also double up as reporting tools where the results can then be exported directly to Excel.

The Booking List screen allows you to search for bookings by a whole host of criteria. Access to this screen is via the Bookings button on the front screen of Prohire, or via the Booking List button on the allocation chart.


(Click here for larger image)

It has some standard search inputs like booking number, rental number, name - which if used would find agreements that match that criteria.

You can use any of the search inputs as a single search or a combination of any amount, for example if I wanted to know how many times Mr Smith has hired vehicle ABC123 this year I would do the following:



PICK-UP --> tick box --> enter date range 01/01/2014 – 31/12/2014

Untick ALL under booking status & tick On hire, Returned, Checked In

Click OK

This search criteria would then give me the results of how many bookings Mr Smith has had over the course of 1 year for a vehicle registration ABC123.

The results can then be exported to Excel if need be.

The Booking List screen can also double up as a reporting tool, so for example, if you wanted to know what vehicles are currently out on hire, who they are on hire to, the date range of the hire etc. this can also been done.

Simply untick ALL under ‘Booking Status’ & tick On Hire --> click OK.

The results from this type of search are quite extensive so you can simply scroll left and right to see the resulting columns.  Below is an example screen shot.


(Click here for larger image)


You can organise the data ascending or descending by clicking on the title headers or you can do a group-by which will allow you to group the data together.  This can be done by dragging and dropping the header name, e.g. Name into the yellow bar above the header names you can then click the + symbol to expand the data rows.

Example screen shot:


(Click here for larger image)

You can go another step further & do a filter by selecting the arrow icon on the column header & then selecting the data rows you’re interested in, screen shot below.



(Click here for larger image)


However the results are filtered in this screen they will be exported to Excel in the same way.

List invoices screen allows you to search for invoices that have been created; again here you have a variety of search criteria that you can use either singly or a combination of as many as you like.

Access to this screen is from the front screen of Prohire --> Invoices --> List Invoices.

Results from any search from within this screen can be filtered in exactly the same way as the Booking List search screen & exported to Excel.