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3 Great New Features In Prohire

New Features

3 Great New Features In Prohire


We continually look to improve and build-upon Prohire with the addition of new features, and this in this blog we’ll take a look at some of these features and how they can help you in the day-to-day running of your business.


Planned Vehicle Changeovers





A long sought-after request is the ability to pre-book vehicle changeovers for customers that you might go and deliver to. Previously this was not possible as you were only able to swap over a vehicle with a date in the past or do a swap now. When you now perform a changeover, an extra option is available, called 'Future' that will then allow you to select a date and time of when the changeover is going to happen.  This planned changeover also appears on the Allocation Chart in a different colour, so users can see at a glance when the vehicle is going to be used. You can have as many planned changeover as you like and they will all appear in the rental screen. As with a regular changeover, you can also pre-print the rental agreement for this vehicle before you swap the customer into it. Then once you have performed the changeover, you can come back into the system and perform the planned changeover.


Improvement to Emailing Tracking




Previously when a user emailed the customer a quote or invoice it was difficult for them to track down a problem if the customer reported that they did not receive the email. To improve this side of Prohire we rewrote the emailing functionality to allow the user to track the progress of an email to the customer and this can all be done from within the system.  The new Email log screen allows the user to see all emails that have been sent, and you can drill down into an individual email - to trace its progress up to the point of it being delivered to the customer.  If there was any problem sending the email, the sender is automatically notified before the customer calls to ask where the email is.


Booking Lock Reason




At the moment when a vehicle is locked to a booking it will always appear as Red on the Allocation Chart, and it was not possible to define your own reasons and colours. A new menu option has been created within the system that allows a user to define their own reasons and then accord them a unique colour. So when a front desk user locks a vehicle to a booking they have the ability to specify the reason from this list, and it will appear in the colour you have selected on the Allocation Chart. These colours will only be used while the rental is at a “Booking” status, and it will revert back to the usual colours once it has been checked out.