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Olympic Mania

Olympic Mania



Did you get a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal for your efforts in getting through your summer break?! Personally, I think I achieved a Silver - which I am very pleased with! I took my son to the Olympic Village to watch the 3m Springboard semi-final in the Aquatics Centre – It was a thrill. If you watched the events on the TV, I can tell you the atmosphere was pure electricity and absorbing. TEAM GB was a collective effort of sportspersons, spectators and officials - and I think that’s what makes a great performance. Likewise, strong teams create success in business.


I also helped a friend move house where my knowledge of local van hire companies proved useful, together with developing a new game of 'Eye Spy' with my son while travelling about the country spotting hire company vehicles. To mention just a few  Wild Horizon at Heathrow Airport, U-Drive on M3, ZooCars in Sittingbourne and Green Motion on M25 … so the logos on your fleet do get noticed and provide an alternative to the ‘Logo board game ‘ when on the move!

Finally, exam results - I got a pass in Financial Accounting so able to continue my studies and achieve Gold!