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Prohire Forums: The Round-Up!

Prohire Forums: The Round-Up!


Over the past few weeks, the Prohire team have been visiting differents parts of the country showcasing our plans for the future - namely mobile apps, The Prohire Network and the latest release of ProWeb (our online booking engine that takes payment).



What did the forums cover regarding The Prohire Network?


As you know, the number of rental companies who use Prohire has now grown to over 500 locations. As a collective this represents a powerful network and through IT we are going to bring a number of services together which will enhance the overall package. Services that we discussed include:


  • Prohire Inter-Rent - search for specific vehicles and place bookings within the Prohire Network
  • Prohire-Notice – receive relevant messages from other Prohire users within your company, regionally or nationally. Location based noticeboard.
  • Prohire-Risk - Search a national database of bad risk hirers
  • Receive retail bookings from


We also demonstrated our new mobile solutions offering. Essentially we have developed the capablity to produce any number of mobile applications that can easily be individually customised to your particular requirements. The apps could assist with delivery/collections, vehicle inspections/recording damage, ancillary equipment checks, vehicle sales etc. The mobile apps would work over 3G and Wi-Fi and automatically sync back to your Prohire system. When demonstrating the mobile app throughout the various forums, the response was overwhelmingly positive and we see massive potential here for you to better streamline your procedures, enforce accountability, and ultimately make the customer experience that much better.


We also demonstarted the latest version of ProWeb which is currently in the final stages of development. This will allow you to take online payments, and also comes fully mobile/tablet optimised - i.e. it will detect if the user if using a mobile/tablet and automatically launch a responsive web-app -- making it much easier for your customer to book with you online.


First and foremost however we would like to say a massive thank you to all those who attended the forums - it was great to meet you all and get your views and opinions on our latest projects. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet our customers, and would like to also extend our thanks to our partners United Rental Group, Fleetondemand  and The Third Wheel who were also present.

Below are some photos from our travels:


(Sharon, Rachel from Prohire, Rob)

Just prior to our forum at Kent Science Park, we were visited by Merlin Vehicle Rental - a customer of ours based in Cornwall. It was great meeting both Sharon and Rob, and to learn more about their business and how we can best support them through Prohire. Thanks for the visit! :)

Shortly afterwards our first forum took place - and we're glad to say it was a resounding success! There was a great turnout, lots of great questions ... In the prize draw, Simon from First Self Drive won a lovely bottle of prosecco - congrats!


We were also paid a visit by Fernando Gracia, a customer of ours who travelled all the way from Mexico! Fernando is the Managing Director of Maxirent - a rental company based in Monterrey. Maxirent have grown considerably over the past few years, and we're honoured that Fernando took the time out to come and visit us.


(Prohire helpdesk technician Pete Garcha, and Fernando Garcia of Maxirent)


Fernando also joined us at our next forum in Bishop's Stortford - as did Bojidar Sisoev, Managing Director of Choice Rent A Car who flew all the way from Bulgaria with his wife! It was good to meet you again Bojidar!  


In Sheffield, the lucky prosecco winner was Alex Marshall of Park Lane Self Drive:



By the time we reached Blackpool, we had run out of presecco ... but we had some back-up prizes up our sleeve ...


(James from Prohire modelling one of the prizes)


(Wondrous Blackpool - snapped by Rachel)


(David from Prohire readying the projector before the Blackpool forum started)



(Left to right: Matt Ferry (lucky prize winner!) of Value Car & Van Hire, Liz Barrett of 4x4 Vehicle Hire Lancashire and Robert Watson of Skipton Self Drive


(Rachel presenting Shaun Fisher from PSD Vehicle Rental with a Blackpool donkey. The person in the background looks suspiciously like Prohire's MD, Paul Newman ... )


The following week, it was time for us to fly to our last forum - Edinburgh.



(Somewhere over Bradford?)



(Bagpipes were played in the hotel lobby as part of the British paralympic curling team's homecoming from the Sochi Paralympics - which we accidentally gatecrashed after the forum had finished!)


A special thanks to Paul Grant from Gus Commercials who flew over from Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland to attend the Edinburgh forum.


Since the forums have finished, we've already received some lovely emails from our customers. Here's a couple:


Gillian Ralston - Accounts & Admin Manager at Swinton Vehicle Group:


Good morning Rachel and colleagues

I would just like to thank you and the Prohire Team for inviting us to the Edinburgh Forum, both Linda and I enjoyed the event and found the presentations informative.  There is a lot that Prohire Network can offer which exceeds our requirements but I will be moving on with our set-up so that we can start using Pro-web and be ready for the new version in the next couple of months and perhaps increase our sales and therefore fleet and take advantage of some of the other items of offer.

Once again thank you all for taking the time to come to Edinburgh, it was great to be able to put faces to the names and the lunch was delicious, much better than my usual sandwiches!


James Palmer - Fleet Manager at Palmer & Martin:


Just a quick e-mail to say that Ryan and I were most impressed at the meeting on Wednesday and are very interested in the range of products and services that both Prohire and United talked about.

You certainly are innovators at Prohire. We will definitely be joining up to the Prohire network and getting the handheld devices in due course.


We will shortly be sending out the presentation slides and notes to all who attended and to those who couldn't make it but wish to see the slides anyway -- if this is you, please email us or


We have been sending out the Fleetondemand rates to all who requested them, and please contact us (01795 434000) if you would like to see them also. As a result of the forums, a good number of customers have signed up to be part of Fleetondemand (something Prohire customers can join independently from The Prohire Network) - with many Prohire customers having already received quality long-term bookings.


Thanks once more to everyone who attended and made the forums a success. Also a big thank you to everyone who filled in and returned their questionnaires; we're pouring over your comments/suggestions as we speak and looking at ways to further improve the services we presented.


If you have any questions about The Prohire Network, our mobile solutions, or Fleetondemand - please don't hesitate to get in touch on 01795 434000.