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Prohire Helpdesk FAQs

Prohire Helpdesk FAQs


1. When I log on the system time is invalid or the date/time format isn't recognised - why is this?

A. Prohire is dependent on the system setting for the correct time and date between machines and when recording the bookings, vehicle details into the database. To fix this open the 'Control Panel', click 'Clock, Language, and Region'. Once in this option click 'Region and Language', and select the header 'Formats', directly below change to 'English (United States)' and click 'Apply', then change back to 'English (United Kingdom)' and click 'Apply'. This should fix the issue and you should then be able to run Prohire and log in successfully.

2. Does Prohire run on a Mac?

A. Prohire doesn't run natively on a Mac but can be used if you have a virtual machine program installed on it. An example is Apple's boot camp or Parallels. ( I would recommend Parallel as it seems generally faster in my personal experience, but the decision is up to you (perhaps use their trial version for a free go?) and you will need a copy of Windows also.

3. When I fire Prohire up I get 'ProhireClient.exe has not copied. Delete the CSV file or synchronize with Prohire Target Files' - why is this?

A. The reason that you would see this message is because your local folder for ProhireV4 has been corrupted or removed. This normally happens when your Anti-Virus program deletes Prohireclient.exe from the ProhireV4 folder. To fix this open up the 'Windows Explorer', click onto the C:\ drive or your local drive and in there will be ProhireV4 folder. Inside that will be a ProhireFiles folder (delete this). Go back to your desktop and run Prohire, the blue bars will start to fill up and once it's done you can then log into Prohire.

Tip: Check your Anti-Virus (AVG, McAfee, Norton, Vipre etc.) for exceptions and rules and add C:\ProhireV4 folder to it, if you need help you can call us or go to your local IT support company.

4. When doing a Vehicle Lookup you get the message "Errors have occurred. 1000 : No Vehicles Returned, Would you like to Retry in 24 hours time" why is this?

A. This message will normally occur if either the registration has been entered incorrectly or the registration is new. This can sometimes take a few days for the information to be passed from the DVLA to our 3rd party supplier. To get around this for a day or so before the information is available you can select a make and model by clicking the lookup button next to the make, if you haven't got a current make and model example you can create one and select if for the vehicle.

5. I've checked a booking out and it has gone out on the wrong insurance, how do I resolve this?

A. This is a regular occurrence where if the vehicle has been checked out on HOI instead of COI or vice versa. There isn't a way to change this once the booking has got a rental agreement number assigned against it. The only way to fix this would be to cancel the booking and create a new one.