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Prohire Mobile: Top 20 FAQs

Prohire Mobile: Top 20 FAQs

Hi all,

Hope you’re all surviving the heat this week.

Can’t complain though…it’ll be raining at the weekend. Just as well as I have a 15 mile cross country race planned. #madfool

The last 3 weeks have been pretty manic here what with Prohire Mobile webinars 3 times a week - really good feedback and lots of questions (see FAQs below)

We’re now in the process of rolling out trials and will be running more webinars in a couple of weeks.

In case you don’t know what Prohire Mobile is…..this is a new product from Prohire that you can use from your tablet to carry out Vehicle Inspections, Handovers and Returns.

Prohire Mobile integrates seamlessly with Prohire:

  • Prohire stores a complete damage & refurb history
  • Tablet Displays current damage and photographs
  • Time Date and Location stamps each event
  • Create ad hoc inspections on Prohire Mobile from the yard
  • Create effective workflows Prohire
  • Effective Communication between front desk and yard
  • Reduce paperwork - Email check sheets directly to the client

We believe Prohire Mobile will completely revolutionise the rental process:

  • All processes are fully customisable to your requirements
  • Wirelessly updates Prohire alerting the front desk to new damage and missing equipment
  • Customer and Inspector onscreen signature capture
  • Reduce disputes with clients
  • Reduce end of life refurbishment costs
  • Professional image and greater customer service

(See here for more information)


Top 20 FAQs!



  1. 1) Can I assign specific jobs to specific devices? Yes you can!
  1. 2) Can I assign jobs to specific inspectors? (Great idea, we will try to include in later versions)


  1. 3) Can I enable Prohire Mobile by site? Yes you can!


  1. 4) Can I differentiate yard damage and customer damage? Yes you can!


  1. 5) If the inspector adds incorrect mileage on Prohire Mobile can it be corrected in Prohire? Yes you can!


  1. 6) Can we enforce photos of the dash and milometer as part of our inspection process? Yes you can!


  1. 7) Is there an end of rental report? Yes!


  1. 8) Can we use bespoke frog/side on diagrams to record damage? Yes you can!


  1. 9) Is the photo assigned to the vehicle or the booking? Both, depending on where the photo originated from, i.e inspection or check-out/in


  1. 10) Can we show the photographs of the vehicle on check sheets? Yes you can!


  1. 11) Can the inspector create his own return inspections? Yes you can!


  1. 12) Can we have a pop up warning when “finishing” a return if there were items missing on the equipment check-list? (Great idea, we will try to include in later versions)


  1. 13) Can we set up a password on fixed items? Yes you can!


  1. 14) Can we prevent vehicle going out on hire that have been checked in with a spare tyre missing? (Great idea, we will try to include in later versions)


  1. 15) We will be using the tablet when out of wi-fi range so need a contract – Best advice from Jamie is to go for 3G


  1. 16) Does Prohire Mobile “collect” jobs when out of a wi-fi zone? Yes, it will then re-sync with Prohire


  1. 17) Can we enforce photos as part of the check-out process? Yes you can!


  1. 18) Can we have push notifications to the tablet so that the inspector knows there is a job waiting when the device is in sleep mode? (Great idea, we will try to include in later versions)


  1. 19) Can he have a cut down version of the Handover Inspection? Yes, you can combine the vehicle inspection and handover into one.
  2. 20) Will Prohire Mobile be made available on iOS/Apple? At present Prohire Mobile is just for Android, however we are looking to potentially open up to iOS/Apple in future versions.