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Prohire: The May Round-Up

Prohire: The May Round-Up


May News In Brief:


  • Insurance! Insurance! Insurance!
  • Prohire Technical support highly praised
  • 10,000 Coasters posted – how do you use yours? 


In May we sent out 10,000 coasters to independent rental companies across the UK and the response was very positive indeed. Insurance and looming renewal dates are hot on everybody’s lips so most conversations went along the lines of “Hello, can you quote me for my insurance?” Well, we can’t but we know a company that can!

If you didn’t get your coasters please let me know – we have a few left!


Our new partners, Towergate have teamed up with Aviva and our development team have launched a new PAYG product called Go Hire.

GoHire is our daily rental software, Prohire Lite, combined with PAYG self-drive hire insurance through Aviva. It’s designed to cater for fleets up to 45 vehicles although they will adapt to suit larger fleets. Cover includes cars, vans, minibuses and motorhomes.

Also going well this month is our 14 day Prohire trial – as ever, no strings no obligation and no costs is a winner! (Interested in a trial? Click here).

Developments in the pipeline– our web designers are busy with the new Proweb which will feature a payment gateway and live availability. It’s all looking good and should be on track for testing and release soon. Watch this space for screenshots and updates, I know there’s a lot of you out there waiting for this so thank-you for your support and continued interest.

I would like to say a special thanks to all at Go Green Car & Van Rental, Rochford Carriages and Grants of Aviemore; your praise of our technical support team is duly noted, we appreciate your cooperation and we all welcome you fully to Prohire.  

Prohire Software Systems Ltd. are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.