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Prohire Training: Online vs Onsite

Prohire Training: Online vs Onsite


Here at prohire we offer two types of training (1) Online and (2) Onsite, both have their advantages and disadvantages which are outlined below.

Regardless of which option you choose, we would generally take a copy of your existing database and use that to do the training. We have found in the past that looking at your own data makes the training much easier for the user, and potential issues/problems can be picked up and addressed as part of the training content.

No matter which option you choose, the training content can be tailored to what you require - so if you are a more experienced Prohire user and would simply like training on report & invoicing then that two can be delivered as well as more suitable training for new starters to a company.




This option allows the training to take place over an internet connection. We connect into a machine at your location via our remote control software, called “TeamViewer” and will conference you in on a telephone call.



Training is given in an initial 2 hour block (you can have the full 2 hours in one go, or split into 2x1 hours), and then hour slots thereafter - you can of course have as many as you require over the course of either one day or as many as you need.

As we like to give the best possible option to you the above outline can be altered to time/day slots that best suits your needs and ultimately get the most out of the training sessions.

The main advantages of online training is the reduced cost and lack of travelling time. All that is required is a phone and an internet connection - even if you're spread across different geographical locations, we can still provide training by conferencing you into one phone call & into one machine to provide the training.

The disadvantage some encounter with online training is the non-face to face element - although for many this is outweighed by the convenience of no travel and reduced cost. With online training you may not all be in the same room where cross purpose conversation can take place and maybe some internal procedures can be ironed out. For example if you are a multi-site company you may find (as I do when conducting these training sessions) that a certain site does things different to another site in order to achieve the same goal.

With onsite training these kinds of issues never come to light.




This option allows the training to take place face to face at a location chosen by you.

One of the Prohire technical team members would come to your site to deliver the training via a projector screen (either ours or yours). As stated above the training would more than likely be on a copy of your database installed onto the trainer’s laptop.



Doing the training onsite allows us to setup a small network where we would bring 3 or 4 laptops and have them connected to the trainer’s laptop - meaning that each delegate can practice whichever aspect is being covered in the training course.

For example the training course maybe for new employees as well as a refresher for existing employees, and we would assign tasks to be completed within the training database, things like:


  •     Taking a booking
  •     Assigning a client
  •     Taking payments
  •     Checking out a booking
  •     Checking in a booking etc.

So the overall effect is a more hands on training course as opposed to the online course where this type of network cannot be setup.

The disadvantage to onsite training is that it is not as instant as online training with respects to setting up the training course and for the delegates to get connected. Onsite training requires a little more planning and ultimately more travelling time & expense.


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