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Proweb: Custom Web Booking Emails

Proweb: Custom Web Booking Emails


Prohire comes as standard three email templates that are used when a client places a booking on the website. The client will automatically receive an email when they have finished placing the booking, and then depending on whether or not it’s a requested booking they will then receive an email when its Accepted or Rejected. To aim of this section is therefore to show you how to amend this standard templates to a layout that is more appropriate for your business.

To access and amend the emails, go Tools => Setup => Advanced Setup => Email Templates. The screen that opens up will list of the email templates that you have created yourself, so currently it might appear empty. Therefore click on the button New.

This will open up the Choose Template Type screen so you a break down of the template categories you can create, i.e. General and Web Bookings.

Expanding out the Web Bookings categories will show you the all the templates you can amend. So the email body and subject line for  accepted web bookings, the email body and subject line for new web bookings and finally the email body and subject line for Rejected web bookings.

Below that is a description box providing you with a brief idea of what each template is used for.

Once you have highlighted the template you want to edit, click the OK button.


This will open up a screen similar to a normal text editor but with 1 or 2 minor changes to it.

1) Template Name: Used to name the template for later reuse.
2) Data Tags: Information that will be entered via the system, i.e. client name, address etc.
3) Insert Tag: Allows you to add additional data tags to your template.

Having made all the necessary changes to your templates click Save to retain all amendments under the requested name and then File => Exit to return to original screen. Now that you have created your first email template it will appear in the Email Templates screen.

Having created your email template you will need to tell the system to use this email template. Go into

the Web Booking tab under Tools => Setup => System Setup. Under the E-mail Templates section chose from the dropdown list your custom template.

Click Save to confirm your changes or Cancel to exit without saving the changes.