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Rachel's July Blog

Rachel's July Blog

Hi there,

I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

The Olympics seems to be turning out well, much to the surprise of most of us. I’m one of the lucky ones to actually have tickets to an event – handball! Up until yesterday I thought it was a foul in football….


It’s a busy time of year for rental so I am a teeny bit surprised with the 3 installations that are happening this week and that we continue to receive enquiries from a variety of quarters from taxi hire to motorhome hire, on a daily basis.

In brief…


  • Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you should by now have received an email about the changes to the excess for XS Shield.
  • We’ve got a smashing deal on the user license price to make things easier on the front desk over the summer holidays. Give me a call if you’ve missed out.
  • We’ll be putting some dates forward for training days here at our office in Kent so watch this space. Any ideas/specific requests for training please contact me or James.


I spotted a number of vans at The Hop Farm festival that belonged to clients (YES, I AM THAT SAD) This is what your vans get up to when you’re not looking….



Top left to bottom right:  Kendall Self Drive, Longmarsh , WVC Self Drive Hire and
Speedway Car & Van Hire

Thanks and have a good summer!


P.S. 50 Shades of Gray – is that about the weather?