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Run a Credit Hire Business? Prohire can help!

Run a Credit Hire Business? Prohire can help!

Did you know that Prohire can be used to manage your credit hire business as well as the normal daily / long term rentals?


A credit hire booking is no different to any other bookings as far as Prohire is concerned as the booking is still created for the client who the agreement needs to be printed out for and the time frame the vehicle is due out for.  The only exception is that the cost of the hire is set to £0

This is because the hirer will not be paying for the rental - it will be the insurance company.

Once the hire has ended the booking is returned, but NOT fully checked in -- this is because you need to invoice the insurance company for the hire and 9 times out of 10 you will need to adjust the amount the insurance company will pay, so leaving the booking in the RETURNED status will allow the booking to remain on the daily diary so that you know to chase up any amendments or payments.

To create the proforma invoice for the insurance company; within the booking you would create a sundry sales invoice made out to the insurance company.  As this is only a proforma invoice, Prohire allows the rate to be adjusted & the proforma invoice can be printed / emailed for approval. 

Once the actual rate has been agreed the sundry proforma invoice is finalized creating an actual invoice which can then be printed /emailed to the insurance company for payment.

Once payment has been made you can, if you wish allocate the payment to the invoice via the payments button within the sundry invoice screen.

If the hirer is paying for any extra’s like Sat Nav, Fuel etc. then these charge items can be added to the charge details screen and an invoice for these is created once the booking is checked in.

You may require a custom Rental Agreement, Invoice and Pro-forma invoice -- which the helpdesk guys can look to create for you.

So, if you're look for a software system to help with your Credit Hire business -- talk to us!