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Seasonal Tariffs: Greater Pricing Flexibility

Seasonal Tariffs: Greater Pricing Flexibility


Seasonal tariffs can be quite handy throughout the year and at special times of the year when you want different rates to be picked up. But you also want your default rate to be used for the rest of the year.

An example of this could be for Xmas time, from the 1st January to the 30th November you want one rate and then when it comes to Xmas you want the rate to be more than your usual Standard rate.

To do this simply copy the tariff you are currently using for your groups and change the date range to Xmas with the new rental rates and charges for that month. When your front desk users start to take bookings for December it will pick the new rates up. You can change the date range of the seasonal tariff so that it uses it for next year.

This process can be used over and over again including many different times of the year, i.e Xmas time, Easter holidays, summer holidays. This can make tariffs extremely flexible for your rental companies needs.