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The Future of Motoring?

The Future of Motoring?



Cars have undergone many changes since the era of Benz and the Duryea Brothers, yet one thing has always remained constant: the presence of a driver. It might seem like a late April Fool’s joke, but Google has recently turned this idea on the head with the introduction of the driverless car.  Last week, the US state of Nevada granted a licence for this type of vehicle to legally operate on its roads.

Developed by Google at their secret Google X Lab, this new technology has been integrated into eight vehicles: one Audi TT, one Lexus RX450h and six Toyota.

Fitted with numerous sensors, the vehicle monitors its surroundings 20 times per second. A computer then processes this information and determines whether the vehicle should change lanes, stop or have its speed increased or decreased.  

The technology has been extensively tested with one autonomous vehicle having covered 140,000 miles without a crash.

Whilst it may take some time before we see more of these cars on the road, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is convinced that self-driving cars are the way forward.  “It’s amazing to me that we let humans drive cars” Schmidt told reporters. 

What do you think? Will this idea take off?