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The July Blog

The July Blog

There’s just time before I skip off to Ile de Ré (yes, again) for my monthly round up.

Expectedly, I turned 40 in July. Actually, that wasn’t too bad. Unexpectedly, the weather has been great. As a consequence of which, business has been up. Enquiries, as per usual, come from all quarters; new start-ups; self-drive hire insurance; new user licenses and even a few asking if they could pay their council bill. (We are one digit away from Glasgow county council). I couldn’t help the last one.

I have also had the pleasure of escaping my desk to see a few of you. It was most interesting! I’ll be doing a lot more of that in the months to come so let me know if you want me to drop by. I generally bring cakes or pastries (bribery, I know).

I had a quick count up of customers at the end of July - only 10 to go to 500 locations!  A celebration will definitely be in order; ideas on a postcard please!

Oh, before I go there’s still time to get your free 3 month trial of Proweb started; if you want to give it a go, please let me or James know.

James has put together a great new video which shows the whole booking process from beginning…..


(the customer experience)

….to end.

(booking arriving in Prohire).


Thanks for reading my blog, enjoy the rest of the summer!