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The must-have car item ...

The must-have car item ...



Digital radios have come out in poll position as the must-have item for motorists in their next car, according to a poll conducted by What Car?

Whilst digital radios are found in less than 5% of cars on the road, they came as standard with 23% of new cars sold in March 2012. Sales of DAB radios being fitted in existing cars increased by 40% in the three months to the end of March when compared to the same period from last year. This combined with the opening of many digital-only radio stations and expanding DAB digital radio coverage highlights the growing demand for this in-car accessory.

It was recently announced that Volkswagen ismaking DAB radios standard in all models from the Polo to the Phaeton. This updated audio system will also be able to receive conventional AM/FM radio signals. 

With the digital radio switchover aimed at 2015, it’s like that most car manufacturers will install digital radios as standard from 2013.