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The November Blog

The November Blog


As you know, here at Prohire we like to do a bit of customer van spotting. We have over 350 so the chances are you’ll be successful on most journeys.

Van Hire spotting is a bit like train spotting but not so much Parka wearing.

(Photo of me, mid client-spotting)

Usually, I spot a hire van or two when I’m out and about visiting rental companies, or on holiday, so I was pretty lucky to see 2 of our customers’  vans in my street  in the same week!


Evesham Self Drive





Now for something more serious…



Fraud Warning - Suspicious Renters


We have received reports of a current fraud issue that is taking place within the Vehicle Rental sector.

There have been a number of incidents where vehicles have been hired, had the number plates changed and then subsequently sold using Auto Trader.

Please be aware of any rentals where the following postcodes occur:


The incidents usually start with a walk-in vehicle rental enquiry, and there is also a connection where a Metro bank card is used for payment.


Prohire Risk


If you use Prohire and you want to report a hirer who has caused you grief and you don’t want the same thing to happen to someone else, please use the Prohire Risk button. It doesn’t have to be straightaway, as long as they have signed your rental agreement with the correct data protection clause, which is provided automatically by Prohire, you can report them any time afterwards.

Prohire Risk has found over 40 matches since its inception in June. We’re seeing patterns emerging, which is very exciting for the future.

The more people that use Prohire Risk, the better for everyone.

On average, we are seeing 5 incidents a day being reported to Prohire Risk. That’s around 600 in total.

The service still free to use until May 2015 so call me if you want a free trial. The more the merrier!